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Our story

Our story, when I was 3 weeks pregnant I took a test and it came back positive! we were just so excited to have another little to join our family. We had wanted to give Ella a sibling. Well when I was 5 week pregnant I ended up in the ER at 4:30 in the morning for bleeding and thought I was losing our new little bean, come to find out we were having twins! it was a crazy shock that early in the morning I remember telling the doctor she needed to do another ultrasound on a different ultrasound to make sure it was right . After the crazy shock that we were going to be parents of not only a three year old and a baby but two babies settled In so did my horrible morning sickness. I was in and out of the ER for dehydration multiple times from 9-16 weeks and had one hospitalization for 3 days. At 14 weeks we found out that we had a placenta with what looked like a mass growing on it. So we were referred to Maternal Fetal Medicine in boise. I had a placenta no one had ever seen before so they wanted to watch me close but I was told I could deliver early with not knowing what the placenta was. Well the next few weeks had lots more complications. At 18 weeks we realized my cervix was shortening up and it was cause for concern because I was also 1cm dilated. they wanted to monitor me close so they kept me in the hospital over night. after no change I was sent home but they said at some point they would like me to be staying in boise. Well a at 20 week McCall hospital sent me to boise Via ambulance due to being 4cm dilated. once I got to boise they put me in a room and wanted to watch me well again after 24 hours they send me home as I was back to like 2cm dilated for whatever reason. They wanted to see me back march 9th witch was about a week and a half after that stay. Come that appointment we found I was 100% effaced so they wanted me to stay close so we found a way for me to stay in boise close to the hospital the very next day I woke up to bleeding so back to the hospital I went. They admitted me and said I wasn't able to leave and we would start steroids for babies lungs and magnesium for the brain. I was 21 weeks 5 days at this point. So scared my babies were going to come and they wouldn't do a thing for my babies as 22 weeks was viability and even at that point it wasn't even probability they would survive. we made it 8 days in the hospital before yesterday morning to my water breaking at 7am. being so scared my babies are only 22 weeks 6 days and not knowing what was going to happen. I wanted to make it to 23 weeks before anything happened. In that moment I called my husband and told him he needed to come because Emma and Cooper were going to be coming at any point in time. At around 1pm yesterday they took me to Labor and Delivery were they checked me and I was 7cm dilated I had gone from 2cm-7cm in just a few hours and I thought I would be giving birth alone to my babies who may not make it...Well they had some other ideas. I stalled at 7cm my husband made it here and so did my mom. They ended up giving me some meds to speed up the contractions to try and help move my labor along so that me and babies didn't end up with infection from my water breaking and them being so young that really started to make my contractions hurt, but they wanted to stay inside and have a party. its now 12am today and I feel almost a little release of pressure as I now pass into 23 weeks were they told me they had a little better odds of surviving. at this point in only 8cm so they up the meds to get things really going my contractions are now 1 minute apart hurt like hell. At 5:08 this morning I knew it was time...a few mins later at 5:17am Cooper was born it was a wonderful scary emotional moment all at once as they rushed him off to help him breath and get him into his new little house for the next while. Emma had some other plans and said nope I'm not coming out period. So the doctor had to reach in and grab her by the feet to pull her out. the little cry she gave out when she was born kicking was so crazy and so emotional for me. She was also rushed off to get some help breathing. I had a few complications after they were taken away but things got under control pretty fast and I was stable and they came and told us both babies were stable for now. things can still happen and we still have a chance we could lose them both or even just one. As of right now things are going as expected and they are doing ok. This has been a very hard time and will continue to be crazy and hard and emotional ride no matter what happens. I just wanna say thank you to everyone who is in our corner and have been checking in and sending up prayers for our family and our little fighters. at one week old I lost Cooper. He hemorrhaged into his lungs and brain. Emma is now home after 122 days in the NICU and doing very well and beat all odds.

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