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What I want to do.

I want to help families trying to heal from loss of a child. I want to help families who struggle NICU PTSD. I want to help families who have had miscarriages early or late term. This is a passion of mine. All I have every wanted to was do something great for people who were in need. After my NICU experience I new I wanted to help families who went/are going through what I went though. NICU PTSD is real and its scary thing to deal with. After Emma came home we had to go to the ER due to her having an spell where she dropped her oxygen into the 60's. I cried the whole time. It was so scary being back in the hospital after 122 days of watching my child being poked and snuggled and fed and rotated and changed around the clock. After losing Cooper and having to stay in the NICU for 122 days with Emma knowing I should have 2 babies in that room. It's soo hard. I wasn't able to work, I was 2.5 hours from my 3 year old 4-7 days in a row, trying to be there for Emma. Between being financially, emotionally, mentally and , physically drained I looked for help. Theres not a lot out there for families going though what I went though but I found some recourses. I want to make sure families have multiple recourse... I will have list of recourses for everyone who wants them.. No one should be stressed about money or housing while having a baby in the NICU or after a loss of a child. You should be able to focus of you and grief and the baby what ever it may be.

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